A different
kind of relationship

When you do business with Feil you’ll notice something is different. Sure, we’ve got an eye on our bottom line, but as a family-owned business we’ve got an eye on our legacy, too. We’re in it for the long run. That means we take our commitments seriously. We don’t blow smoke. Or push any hype. We give it to you straight. Every one of our relationships is built on trust and built to last.

The team

Some of us were born into this business, others took a little longer to get here, but all of us are passionate about real estate. We’re committed to providing the kind of space where our clients and communities can grow and thrive.

What we do

Feil’s team of highly experienced real estate professionals have extensive experience across all facets of our business. Whether you need to redevelop a property, raise capital, or make your property run more efficiently day to day, we’ve got a deep bench of talent ready to jump right in. We would not have gotten here without them!

  • Management

    If you’re looking to optimize a property’s performance, we got you covered. Our hands-on administrative, financial and maintenance staff will manage the property day to day. Our sophisticated in-house IT system will streamline all of your accounting procedures, tenant reference inquiries, and inventory control processes. And thanks to the number of properties we manage, we can achieve economies of scale that can help you save money each step of the way.

  • Leasing

    With decades of experience behind us, we know how to create a tenant mix that ensures the best possible performance and profitability for all parties. So many of our properties are thriving with high traffic and high sales volumes due to the optimal mix of national, regional, and local tenants we’ve put in place.

  • Development

    We focus on long-term performance using all our resources to identify the full potential of each property; turn it into a solid profit maker; and maintain its value through expansions and upgrades. We do it often and do it well.

  • Sale - Leaseback

    Part of our portfolio is made up of net leased property acquisitions. Put simply, a leaseback allows the owner of a property to sell it to us while continuing to occupy the property. The benefit is clear: You gain full use of your working capital, while continuing to operate with virtually the same autonomy as if you owned the property.

  • Acquisitions

    Much of our growth is due to an aggressive acquisition strategy that continues to serve us well. We invest in nearly every type of real estate, as long as it meets our primary criterion: long-term potential. After 70 years in real estate, you develop a good eye. We acquire only stable, income-producing properties that have value-added upside to bring to the table.

Our regions

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